Whoaaaa it’s already holidays! And it’s just 2 days before christmas and a WEEK before NEW YEAR!! Yeah!^^ (And I just feel like updating this blog ever since forever. HA HA!)

Actually, I just received my very first student report for the 1st semester, AND! It’s a bit different than it used to be -w-a I mean, it’s not that my grades dropped or what (I think my grades are just good as it is), but the scoring system is just different . . . . .

OKAY! Let’s not talk about that.

And, what I’ve been looking! My b’day! Awawawawaaa I want to get my present ASAP /><\

And! got Mekaku City Records Limited Edition ~^v^~ (it’s a long time ago actually, in August if I’m not mistaken u,u) Thanks to airacho and her brother who helped me bought it! I gotta post the album later~ (It’s awesome, really!)

So, I’ve been falling in love with ShintaroHarukaKanoSeto Kagerou Project since a year ago, and decided to buy the album.

And! they’ll releasing new album on new year! (I’ve been thinking to saving up my money or ask my parents to switch my b’day present) Yeah, I’m still thinking to buy one or not. (but I hope to!)

I wish you have a wonderful holiday everyone!^^/

Please feel free to comment ^~^

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