Tests Everywhere!

Hi everyone.

How’s life? Mine, I’m gonna face SUPER final tests starting tomorrow. And bet what? Mathematics on the first day. Add math, actually. Yes, I said MATH.


AND! Two weeks ahead, I must FIGHT a bunch of TESTS. On 30th May-7th June I have that super final exam, and after that, even still right on 7th June-8th June I have the 3rd test for Bina Antarbudaya (this is beyond my expectation), and 12th June an olympiad test. And remedial week (re-test or repeating for those who failed) on 9th June-14th June. And I have a lot of things to prepare for another upcoming competition.

Hhhh…. Life is seriously hard. I know that well.

So, I just stared at my final test schedule like soul-less-ly ‘what is this?’ ‘where am I?’ ‘what should I do?’

The truth is, material for mathematics (the real one) hasn’t completed yet. In my case.

Well, coincidentally it’s almost always a sudden day off when actually it is math’s time. Plus, I have that olympiad test, and I was always having a practice when I supposed to join math classes. And the result, I skipped 2 chapters of material. Great.

About add math, my teacher was like talking to herself when she was teaching in front of the class. And she’s so perfectionist. It’s not just me who can’t understand. But its MOST of the class. Like 90% maybe? Srsly.

I have zero will to study. Hh..

I never liked math from the first time. But I never got suck grades back then.

The same goes with test / exam. I was never worry or scared before. I always thought of it as a passing-by-wind. Because I can. Really.

But its all changed after I entered high school.

In the end, I wrote a lot there. Yeah, let’s just pray I can passed all of those events perfectly, and got the best for me. Really, no matter what, I don’t want to have any remedial (even tough I know it’s rather 無理だ。。)

I wish you have a good day!

Please feel free to comment ^~^

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