Let’s Meet Me ;D

Hi, the owner’s here! ^^ I’m Ucchan. 98lines. Indonesian. Just an ordinary high schooler and reach all my dreams. I’m inspired by Naruto Uzumaki and all writers around the world. I really love music, though I can’t play it.

I’m Japan Addict. Manga Crazy. Also Korean Freak. I love music, so I like every cool song from the other Korean Boy/Girlband, but the MOST is Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and EXO~ :3 I’m not newbie, okay 😉

I love everything that looks cool, calm, and never stop amazed me. In future, I wanna be a book or comic translator. I think that’s cool. You’ll know every cool and new books or comics, before it sell! What a happiest thing~ :3 Actually, there are many things I wanted to do or be. Like meet & discuss with Masashi Kishimoto, eat ramen in Japan, bla bla bla… and great famous writer wanna be 😀 Sometimes, I draw mangas and make some short stories. I love doing unexpected things with my friends, ’cause you’ll never get bored with that 😀

People said that I’m a good listener and have a good solution to solved problem. And they also think, that I can give them inspiration instantly (?) I don’t know what’s on their mind. But, I love sharing with other.

If you get closer with me, you’ll find an unexpected side about me. Absolutely sure, I want to be friends with everyone~! ;D




Thanks for waste your time by visit and accidentally read this “unimportant” entry –”V Enjoy your time here 😀

~Create YOURSELF perfectly!!~

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