Hi again! ^u^

It seems I’m pretty frequent updating this site now XD I have a quite spare time for now and next month~ So, I’m rushing over here to share my joy~ Today was such a happy day!

First : I’m in the same class with my close friends! It’s really surprising me! *O* When the announcement was out, honestly I’m a bit anxious. Then, suddenly one of my close friends told me that I’m in the same class with her! Also with my two other close friends~ I screamed happily at that time `_`v Plus, lot of the boys in my current class are otaku, so I’m sure we can get along in no time 😀 (a few of them is my friends from Junior High) Now, my fixed class is X IA 6~

My previous class, X-9 (10 MINIONs) was fun and enjoyable, and well, I think we’ve already used to close to each other. But, unfortunately we have to separate way 😐 Still, we are friend! So, we can play to each other class~ Daijoubu~

2nd : It’s D-5 before our looong holiday~ I’m looking forward to it ^^

3rd : I met up and played with my two other close friends that attend different High School~ Fun!

Hohoho~ I hope in this new school, new friends, and new teachers, I can make more good achievement like before in Junior High~ ^^


pict : chibird.tumblr.com

Have a good night! 😀


[ Lyrics ] EGOIST – All Alone With You (Psycho-Pass 2nd Ending Theme)

          Yoyo~ Jajaaaang! Just finished watching Psycho-Pass~ a few weeks ago. And for me, it’s AWESOME! I’m freakin’ like it >< Dunno why!

          (maybe)First : Because, Kougami Shinya is so asdfghjkl;’ Man, he’s look like Hibari~ From what I found, the characters are designed by Akira Amano, so that’s why they look alike~ Lalala, but I love both of them :3

          Second : Conflicts are cool, especially, I agreed with Makishima’s thought for some way, (but also really hate him cause of his brutal kill and the way he controlled people to get into his game reminds me of that crap Izaya Orihara from Durarara!! -m-) BTW, Makishima Shogo looks like Byakuran from KHR! too~

          Well, I’m here to share Inori a.k.a Chelly voice for you~

EGOIST – All Alone With You


Psycho-Pass 2nd Ending Theme

Music and Lyrics by ryo (supercell)

Performed by EGOIST


誰かを愛することなんて , できるわけなくって
Dareka wo aisuru koto nante , Dekiru wake nakute
There’s no way we could ever love anyone else

Dakedo dareka ni aisaretakute
 But, we wish to be loved by someone Continue reading

Random Post


Dunno why, suddenly feels want to post something~ But what?? ._.a

Then, I decided to post this~


WC Family Animal Edition by me~

It’s my original art, using pencil to draw~ LOL XD It’s blurred a.k.a unclear, cause the scanner was eng –” Gotta make it better someday u,u And! I’m an amateur~ Lalalalala~ O.oV

Sleep well, minna~ ^^

A/N : (from left to right) My 1st Unnie, Kimi; The Younger one, Me~; My 2nd Unnie, Yongie~ ^^

Hibari Kyoya

Yoohoo~ Popping from the ground just to let out my tought about someone named Hibari Kyoya~ Actually I planned to post this a loooooong time ago.  But, distrubtions always came v,v Even now, I’m in the mid of orientation for new student as just entering high school O.o So, I’m very busy, preparing stuffs. Well, tomorrow is the last day tough 🙂 So, ganbatte~!!

Okay, well Yeah! Recently, I read Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! manga and found that it’s interesting to keep read it.

After very long long way, finally I’ve finished it two months ago~ /yay/ *spreadingconvetti (Tough, the ending it’s rather err- ‘.’ Actually I’m expecting something more ‘WOW’, but, it’s okay, I still love it, and recommend this anime for you 🙂 )

Okay, back to main topic!

There’s one character that attracted me to catched a lil’ more attention to than other characters. He’s thick head, has a school-complex, hate grouping (and people too), and a crazy battle maniac.

He’s Hibari~


But, yet, I can’t hate him~ Continue reading

[ Lyrics ] K-ON!! – Singing! (Movie Ending OST.)

          Nee, minna~ After disappeared for so long, I’m back~ There’s a lot of things to tell, but I can’t~ So, about my interest on guitar (the electric one, especially) I post this lyrics. Because of the arts and culture’s practice exam, we have to formed a group, yah… band. My band consists of 4 members, including me as a guitarist >w< And cause we’re otaku (Singing! also cool, though!), we choosed this song~ Well, I’m not as cool as Yui, but it’s surely fun! And we did it well~ ^^ I hope, I can totally cover this song as Yui’s, someday… (when I have an extra time -m-)

K-ON!! – Singing!

Source : animelyrics.com

Description: Movie Ending Theme

Lyrics by Oomori Shouko

Composed by Maezawa Hiroyuki

Arranged by Komori Shigeo

Performed by Houkago Tea-time (Hikasa Yoko as Akiyama Mio,
Toyosaki Aki as Hirasawa Yui, Satou Satomi as Tainaka Ritsu, Kotobuki Minako as Kotobuki Tsumugi and Taketatsu Ayano as Nakano Azusa)

風に乗って流れる 私達の今は
Kaze ni notte nagareru  watashitachi no ima wa
Our now flows by, riding on the wind Continue reading